Monday, 7 October 2013

Back in WoW: It's Grim Up North(rend)

WoW has suffered from a bit of neglect recently as I have spent a lot more time in EvE Online chasing down relic sites and getting blown up because I don’t know what I am doing. However my girlfriend and I found some time this weekend to give some much needed love to our pandas.
Having recently broken free from the rather dull landscapes of Outland we are now comfortably settled in to Northrend and are busy exploring the Grizzly Hills.

Team Panda
Team Panda, ready to leap into action at the slightest sign of a node or skinnable!

We had already severely depopulated the wildlife in the surrounding area and a completed a quest which involved a lot of time spend grunting in a toilet (this quest is even more disturbing if two of you enter at the same time and forget to switch off your imagination!). So it was that Team Panda (Bamda, Harrietander and honorary member Clawd the Raptor)  were armed and ready to once more to face adventure, danger and my overwhelming desire to skin everything in sight (I have FINALLY got my leatherworking up to use Northrend materials).

We started off with a few of my girlfriends favourite quest-types, find the items, gathering various plants in order to make some strange concoction. Thanks to a slightly longer draw-distance I managed to track down mine faster (something that is apparently unfair). We then, with the aid of a human with an identity crisis, abducted a local troll and then proceeded to reduce the local troll population to a more manageable level (namely zero). Well I say we, given that I am playing a brewmaster monk and Harrietander is a marksman hunter it is usually the case that I despatch my opponent only to find her and Clawd looking somewhat perplexed surrounded by 6/7 dead bodies.

So, having taken out a large number of trolls for their mojo we eagerly await the next quest in the chain, take out some zombie trolls and steal a magic orb. Again we take to the skies soaring to our destination only stopping as the cry of ‘NODE!’ rings out and Harrietander the engineer has to stop to do the necessary bash-rock-with-pickaxe manoeuvre!

Bamda also doubles up as a node tax service!

Gem duly stolen we then head off to a mysterious outpost which turns out to be populated by worgen who then proceed to chase us as we run away on horseback, something that has Bamda looking particularly uncomfortable. This chase was made even more interesting by the need to take a cake out of the oven right in the middle of it, let that be a lesson to all WoW and baking do not mix! Please Bake Responsibly!

Poor Horse
This is horse looks like the thoroughbred of sin if ever there was one.

I do feel a bit bad that I have neglected my paladin in his quest to gear up and introduce Garrosh to my hammer of righteousness, but I still have not moved guilds to one that is active and as a result I feel less of a need to do that right now. Besides it is  fun to go adventuring with Team Panda (I am working on a theme song) and when I am on my own EvE Starts to call………

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